Moonlit Poems- By Sanjana Shukla

Poem 22
She has pair of beautiful wings....
To fly...
A cage that holds her....
An envelope of dreams

She has a vision
A sense of freedom...
She offers a tenderness
despite being enclosed....
She's an angel....
But for others her wings...
Like paper planes....
She will close the fears 
And vulnerability that
Cage offers....

One day she will elope
Leaving the softeness behind
Poem 21
What I desire...

Eventually leaving behind 
The sadness, emptiness 
And hollowness 
That the heart possess
Yet failing...

In the subconscious mind of mine
Right and wrong seems 
A traumatic chaos
Turning human into inhumane...
Poem 20
Don't show pain...

But convey secrets 
Which holds them...
Poem 19
Inner turmoil is like hurricane...
Destroying the consciousness

A battle between 
The right and wrong...
Slowly with time...

Either losing or winning it
Poem 18
It was the harsh reality of life 
Which burned her...

But she was a Phoenix 
Disguised in the human form...

Where burning herself 
Was necessary to 
Rise, fly and grow again...
Poem 17
Neither I am a fruit,
Nor a leaf...

Which losses it's value with time...
But I am a stem which 
Holds, nourishes and grows itself
Poem 16
Across the ocean ...
Lies the land of my dreams...

Where there are no illusions...
But the vivid existence of me
Poem 15
I walk in 
This silent road of life...
Where birds chirp

Nature glorifies 
Into astounding beauty,
Where my hope 
Turns into reality...
Poem 14
Just like 
The dazzling stars
You have eyes 
Which shine bright...

Just like 
The calm breeze 
Your persona signifies...
Poem 13
You are 
Just like the spring....

Waiting for every season 
To pass by...
Poem 12
You are the deepest secret 
Of my heart...

Just like 
The trench of an ocean...
Poem 11
Your part is to do mistakes,
My part is to apologize and amend...

Your part is to tell lies,
My part is to accept 
With truth behind…
Poem 10
In the dark and gloomy sky...
You were the single limelight;
Just like the moon shinning brightly 
Among the unworthy stars...

In the hopless path... 
I have seen myself 
Getting found in ur eyes...
Just like the beautiful picture 
As fascinating as blue sky...

In torn and rugged pages of book...
I have seen my love 
Growing deep in you...
With unsaid words 
And unending emotions...

In the flawless and pure soul 
Like yours...
I have seen myself in your skin 
Appreciating every treacherous sin...

In the world 
Where cold heartless beast lies...
I have seen you growing into 
An innocent flower that I admire afar...

I have seen myself falling hard for you.... 
With eternal pain penetrating my mind...

Still I feel you are 
An unending and everlasting calm ocean...
While I see myself as a simple creature 
Waiting for you near the shore...
Poem 9
I'm just like the beautiful morning...
Seeing you from far...
Holding you in my arms...
Just like 
The sky holds the stars...
Poem 8
Just like the blank dark sky...
Stormy waves
Reflect the conflict of my heart...
Poem 7
You were deprived of love,
Lately it arrived, 
And chased you...
Poem 6
An endless reach;  
Yet the stars,
Like the soul of deads...  
Scattered across 
To meet...
Poem 5
Was it you or me  
Or us, 
Making us work… 

Was it me or you 
Making the first move for us;

Was it me or you  
Collecting the pieces of our hearts; 

Is it me or you  
Making us wonder 
How long we can trust...
Poem 4
I fell again; 
Despite love being deep,
The mind being mean,  
Reminding the sting of heart...
Poem 3
You are the illusion of my life,
So pure and refined;

You are that figment of my life, 
Which cannot be touched but felt;  

You are that part of the hallucination, 
Which holds me back in your underworld
Where happiness lies;
You are that vision of mine,
Which I meet every single silent night;
You are that part of the delusion 
Where I speak of my mind
Without getting scrutinized;  

You are that illusion 
That is gonna last forever, 
And always be there till I demise...
Poem 2
Though I know 
Deep down in my heart
That I don't deserve you, 
Yet you are here 
So determined and confident;
I know how broken 
My mind and soul is,
Yet you are here 
Fixing the shattered pieces, 
Creating aesthetic illustrations;

However, my heart and my spirit 
Still urge for you,
Despite knowing 
How undeserving I am;
I'm like a hurricane 
So disastrous and fatal,  
Yet you have the courage 
To turn me into a 
Beautiful tragedy of your illustration, 
Despite me knowing 
How undeserving I am...
Poem 1
19th January 1990 
...My pain is still there...  

30 years...3 decades...2 generations...
A painful exile, 
A pain which makes me sad; 
Trembling in fear! 
Faraway from home, 

My pain is still there...

Neither understood by many 
Nor explained any further,
An exile which has been lasting forever;
My home, being missed 
In last 30 years of banishment; 
Whether through tears or smile, 
The ache is still there...

Brutality seen and felt,
Brotherhood lost and found,
Dear ones lost in the murderous form! 

My pain is still there...

Neither subsiding nor vanishing, 
Hard realities make me wonder  
Who is to be blamed;
Neither do we blame 
Nor do we say;
Just expressing us 
Through silent tears...
Mourning for our rights...  
Grieving for loved ones...  

My pain is still there... 

Either it's from betrayal 
Or the punishment to ones 
Without any religion; 
Just once, wishing to cherish ourselves 
In the valley where the paradise lies; 
Just once, wishing to return home 
With no questionable reflection; 
Just once, wishing 30 years 
Was just a bad dream;
Just once, wishing everything 
Was an illusion; 

But the sting is still there... 
The ache is never-ending...
Always reminding me of 
The harsh world in which...  
I live now...

The paradise has been lost 
Yet not found!

-Sanjana Shukla, New Delhi


Let’s build a better world together.



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