One-Stop Guide: Mastering Personal Mastery through Scientific Spirituality!

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“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome aboard! The journey to mastery is to get started. During this journey, we will reveal to you the mysterious laws of the universe and the role they play in our lives. Further, we will provide you with high-quality unique content based on learning from real-life experiences, spiritual revelation and findings of physicists, thinkers, and leaders.

In this journey, we will help you develop a deep understanding of the self vis-à-vis the universe through the application of concepts of quantum physics in a lucid manner. This will help you understand, who you really are and what your purpose is. Next, we will guide you with developing the ability to differentiate between the self and the brain-body composite. This will enable you to identify the inner voice over the mind-chatter. Then, we will teach you the fine art of human-programming through the use of Mastery Playbook. This will allow you to use your human-composite as a powerful tool.


Also, we will help you develop a real-life aptitude for operating life magnificently. This will empower you to act in and interact with the world in an effective, progressive and collaborative manner to create a phenomenal life.

At shuunnya, recognising the significance of personal mastery in life, we say-

“Personal Mastery is the mother of all other Masteries.”


Now, let’s start our journey with an insightful question-

Why do we need to experience the Self or Consciousness?

Know Self
Experiencing Self

“The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10,000 other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.”

Michio Kaku, Physicist

Thus, a question arises, how can we learn to use our brain effectively? Well, the answer is simple. To be able to operate our brain effectively, we need to develop a deep understanding of the self vis-a-vis the brain-body composite. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, this will enable us to identify the inner voice over the mind-chatter. This, in turn, will allow us to determine the right course of action so that we can accomplish the core and non-core purposes of our life.


Now, let us analyse the need from a different perspective. Well, living a life without the right understanding of the self vis-a-vis the universe is analogous to solving physics problems without having an understanding of its fundamental laws. In such cases, different varieties of problems would seem unrelated and bizarre. Even if a person could replicate the solution of a memorized problem, he/ she would not be able to solve a related but new problem.

Similarly, a person without the right understanding of the self will fail to effectively deal with a new problem or situation that may crop up in his/ her life. Hence, this understanding is necessary for a person who is trying to create something new or whose work requires a high degree of creativity. People who are involved in work requiring a moderate level of creativity may not need it for performing basic tasks. But experiencing self would broaden their mental-horizon, provide them with the right drive for taking actions, and would help them in creating a wholesome and contented life.


Further, a lack of understanding of self could cause an existential crisis in the life of a person. It is a condition where individuals question whether their lives have meaning, purpose, or value. It may be generally tied to depression or inevitably negative speculations on purpose in life. It usually creates feeling of emptiness, and loss of zeal, vigour and spirit in life. Thus, we need to realise that-

“Our intellect may turn against ourselves if it is not made to experience the oneness with the universe.


Further, we need to acknowledge that prosperity does not necessarily create a contented life. In actuality, it is the contented life that creates prosperity. Let us appreciate the following quotation in this respect-

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

Jim Carry, Actor

Thus, we need to realise that cultivating a deep understanding of the self is a prerequisite of living a wonderful and contented life. The same has been expressed as follows-

“ॐ भूर् भुवः सुवः ।तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यंभर्गो॑ देवस्यधीमहि ।धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥”

Gayatri Mantra, Vedas

It is the most powerful Shloka in Hinduism acknowledging the importance of experiencing the self. It means- “O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.” Here true knowledge implies the knowledge of the self vis-a-vis the Universe or God.

Also, let us appreciate a quotation by one of the greatest philosophers in the history of the world, expressing the importance of experiencing self. He says-

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Socrates, Greek Philosopher

Now, before understanding the concept of self, let us learn about the brain-body composite. So, a question arises-


What is the Brain-Body Composite? And, what is an autopilot mode of living?

Brain-Body Composite

Well, simply put, the brain-body composite is the physical extension or manifestation of the self; that can be touched and experienced. The auto-thoughts and cognitive abilities are the non-physical expressions of the self; something that cannot be touched but experienced. And, the conscious thoughts and actions are the metaphysical expressions of the self; involving the operation of human-composite through the self under the universe guidance.

Now, the brain-body composite acts as an automatic sensor, stimuli responder, feedback provider, analyser and alarm systems for us. But it is skewed to blow false-alarm frequently, i.e. to provide repetitive, reaffirming, namesake, and misleading feedback most of the time which does not actually have any merit. It does so to minimise the risks and energy expenditure, and maximise the chances of survival of a person living life largely on an autopilot-mode. Our job as self is to be aware of these and take suitable actions on them based on their relevance as per our intuition or inner voice which is a form of universe guidance as explained later.


Now, let us appreciate the significance of the brain-body composite. Well, all mental and physical actions are taken through it. Also, all experiences and materialistic joy can only be experienced through it. Hence, it is of paramount importance and it is our primary duty to maintain its well-being, efficiency and effectiveness.

Now, let us understand the concept of operating life in an autopilot-mode. Well, our brain has a pre-programmed way of thinking, responding and acting. Our emotions have been programmed in a way to balance our response and actions. For example, the emotion of ‘fear’ has been created to counter-balance the desire for ‘adventure’. Otherwise, a person may end up harming himself/ herself by being over-adventurous. But real situations can require the engagement of various emotions in variable degrees. Hence, the universe has made the expression of negative emotions more pronounced. This has been done to limit any misadventure. As it is not possible to pre-program the brain, to meet the requirement of the exact-mix of variable-degree of various emotions, to deal with various real-life situations.


In an auto-pilot mode of operation, a person is largely unaware of his/ her own self or consciousness and considers his/ her mind as himself/ herself. Due to this, the inspiration, thoughts, visions and actions of such persons become very limited and mechanical in nature. And this, in turn, limits the overall life of the person.

Therefore, to create a limitless life, we must develop a deep understanding of the self vis-a-vis the universe. But before that, first, we need to understand the fundamentals of the universe. So, a question arises-


How was the universe created? And, why is it evolving to take various forms?

Big Bang: The Birth of the Universe

Well, let us start from the beginning of time. At the starting point, Singular Unit was existent. It was pure energy and pure consciousness. Spacetime continuum and matter did not exist.

Now, one may ask, what is energy? Well, it is something that provides the ability to do an activity, whether physical or non-physical.

Now, let us understand what is consciousness. It is a non-physical aspect of the universe that includes the sense of awareness of existence, knowledge, intelligence and driving force for an activity.

Now the final question would be, what is spacetime continuum? Well, spacetime continuum is a topological expanse being created by the expansion of the universe after the event of ‘Big-Bang’ which took place around 13.7 billion years ago. In this, space represents the three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative positions and directions. And time represents an apparently irreversible, continued progress of universe expansion and evolution.


Now, a question arises, why did the Singular Unit explode? And, why is it evolving and taking different forms in the first place?

Well, the answer to this question can be obtained by applying the Physics First Principle. It says that in order to understand something we need to boil it down to the most fundamental truth we can imagine and then reason up from there. Now, as we all are nothing but forms that the universe has taken (explained later), we can get the answer to this question by looking deep into our self. As we look, we would realize that the reason for all our actions is to optimise our net pleasantness or feel-good. Hence, it can be concluded that the innate desire to optimise pleasantness or feel-good is the core drive for all the activities of the universe and for us. And, the primary way of doing so is through the evolution of consciousness which can be achieved through the creation of excellence.

Now, let us understand,

What is the structure and form of the universe or God?

Well, let us begin with an insightful quote by one of the greatest physicists in the history of the world.

“Everything is light. First was light, an endless source from which originated the matter, and got distributed to all forms that represent the universe and the earth with all aspects of life. In fact, we all are light in human form.”

Nikola Tesla, Physicist
Everything is Light

Now, let us understand the process of origin and evolution of the universe. Well, as explained before, at the starting point, onepacket of energy and consciousness, called the Singular Unit, was existent. It had infinite possibilities. In order to optimise it’s pleasantness through evolution of consciousness and forms, it started to divide and differentiate by utilising it’s own energy. This process of self-exploration started with the event of Big Bang. With division and differentiation of the packets, the universe started to expand and the spacetime continuum came into being. Here, differentiation is a process of becoming different with evolution. It allowed the packets to take forms of various non-physical packets and quantum particles with specialized functions.


Well, this process is similar to the formation of different types of cells with specialised functions, say neurons, from the Zygote. In the above process, the functions of various cells get specialized, yet they retain complete information in their DNA. Similarly, the function of each packet gets specialised through differentiation but it retains complete knowledge, intelligence and consciousness within itself.

Now, with the further creation of various non-physical packets and particles, and their interactions, their functions get further quantized or limited or specialised . Specialisation occurs at every step of taking a new form or doing interactions. And with this, the overall consciousness evolves.


Overall, this consciousness among all packets is a common-one. It knows itself as a common-being with a common purpose. Also, it only determines all other purposes by directing various parts of itself and maintaining sync among all. This Singular-Consciousness or Cosmic-Consciousness, which manifests as various physical and non-physical forms but is actually one at the quantum level, is God.

Also, in view of the above discussion, it can be deduced that light, though suggested by Nicola Tesla as the most fundamental form, is itself is a differentiated form of the singular unit. Thus, light can be said to be the second-most fundamental form the universe has taken and hence exhibits the property of the universe explicitly. Therefore, we can conclude that just like light, which shows the characteristics of a wave as well as a particle (photon) simultaneously, the universe exhibit the wave-particle duality. The same has been proved by multiple scientific theory and experiments, such as- De Broglie’s Theory, Albert Einstein’s theory of photoelectric effect, Young’s Double Slit Experiment, and so on which will be explained through the articles under Curiosity Hub. Therefore, it can be said that we all are waves as well as the particles in the spacetime continuum of the universe.

Wave-particle duality

The oneness of the universe has been expressed by the eminent physicists and spiritual leaders across the history of time, as follows.

“Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.”

Nicola Tesla, Physicist

“The development in the field of quantum physics now reveals a basic oneness of the universe.”

Erwin Schrodinger, Physicist 

“Wherever there has been an expansion in love or progress in well-being, of individuals or numbers, it has been through the perception, realisation, and the practicalisation of the Eternal Truth-the oneness of all beings.”

Swami Vivekananda, Spiritual Leader

“I believe in the absolute oneness of God and therefore also of humanity.  What though we have many bodies?  We have but one soul.”

Mahatma Gandhi, Leader

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.”

Nicola Tesla, Physicist

Hence, though differentiated to carry out specialised functions, we are all a part of one-being. We function together as various organs function together independently yet together for sustaining the life of an organism. Hence, the universe can be understood to be analogous to a one-big organism which is living and evolving continuously.

Now, we are in a position to understand,

How does cosmic-consciousness evolve? And how is consciousness generated in humans?

Packets of Energy and Consciousness- Constituting the Universe

Well, we have already understood that the packets of energy and consciousness evolve through division, differentiation and interactions among themselves. And as they evolve, their forms and functions become specialised. Further, these packets and particles join or interact with one another to form different categories of subatomic particles which mainly include- Leptons, Quarks, Bosons, Hadrons. These again combine to create various elements. These elements then unite to form different compounds.


And these compounds may further integrate to form chemical-composites exhibiting characteristics of life. With this process, multiple primordial cells would have been created. Then by mutation, evolution and fusion of these cells, more complex unicellular and multicellular organisms would have been formed. In this way, the cumulative-consciousness of the chemical-composite showing characteristics of life got evolved or specialised at every step, one-by-one.

Evolution of Consciousness

Now, let us understand the self or consciousness of a human being. Well, let us start with the creation of a person. The first cell or form a person takes is the Zygote which is created as a result of the process of fertilisation. It then divides and differentiates to form the Self and the Brain-Body Composite. A group-of-cells that forms the core-part of the brain is the self and the consciousness is generated through it. It can be experienced by focussing our attention at the core-of-the-brain. Also, the same has been proved by a recent experiment by the scientists who discovered that


“A tiny, but powerful area at the core-of-the-brain, namely the central lateral thalmus, enables consciousness.

Conclusion by Researchers at University of Wisconsin, Madison

Hence, it is the self that receives guidance from the cosmic-consciousness, which we can refer to as the Universe Guidance.

Self: Generating Consciousness

Also, the inner voice or intuition is a form of universe guidance only. This is why eminent people of all times lay emphasis on these. Let us acknowledge the following quotation by one of the greatest physicists of the all-time.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein, Physicist

Now, based on the understanding of the source of intuition, we can understand why he said so.


Now, for developing a better understanding, let us broadly compare ourself with the functioning of a computer vis-a-vis the internet. Well, our self can be considered analogous to the motherboard of a computer which serves as a base for connecting all the computer’s components. Then, our brain would be analogous to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which performs the actual data processing and computing.

And we can consider the universe to be analogous to the internet. Just as data can be downloaded from the internet into the computer, we download knowledge from the universe. Let us appreciate the following quotation in this respect.

My brain is only a receiver. In this universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core but I know it exists.

Nicola Tesla, Physicist

From our discussion, we have understood that the core-of-knowledge, being talked about by Nikola Tesla, lies inside us only. In fact, every physical and non-physical form of the universe is made up of that core or packets only. Though all of us can make ourselves aware of the existence of this core-of-knowledge, each one of us has access to only limited or specific category of information within this core based on our purposes.

Now, we have already learned that the core-reason of the existence is to optimise the pleasantness or feel-good. Now, a question arises-

How can we as human beings optimise our pleasantness which in turn would contribute to the optimisation of the pleasantness of the universe?

Let us start with a beautiful quote-

“Pleasure is not happiness, and pain is not misery.” 


Hence, going primarily for pleasure to optimise our feel-good and avoiding pain in hope to avoid misery could actually backfire.

Now, let us understand the primary sources of generating pleasantness or feel-good. It includes operating the human-composite through the self for carrying out the right mental and physical actions (self-discipline), creating excellence in all spheres of life, spreading love, and taking actions for adding value to the life of other people and living beings. The same has been expressed by the following quotation-

“We know from daily life that we exist for other people first of all, for whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.”

Albert Einstein, Physicist

And, the secondary sources include physical-materialistic-things such as money, desired objects and non-physical-materialistic-things such as the desire for societal recognition, success, comfort and so on. These are dynamically synced by the universe in the life of a person. Things, generating materialistic pleasantness or feel-good, are required for sustenance, creating wholesomeness and for experiencing various aspects of life. These also act as drives for taking actions for persons operating on auto-pilot mode so that they could accomplish their basic purposes.

For persons who are aware of the self and operate human-composite consciously, these act as forms of the universe guidance. For example, a person liking or being passionate about something is a form of universe guidance that the person should go for that thing. The said thing may be his final destiny or a part of the process leading him/ her to destiny.

Now, it is time to answer one of the most intriguing questions of all time that is-


What happens after death? Can we bring a dead living-being to life?

Well, let us start this discussion from the time of the creation of initial life-forms. The initial life-forms were created as chemical-composites with an evolved consciousness. The subsequent life-forms are being created from the initial life-forms through the process of evolution in continuation. It means that there has not been any break in the chain of creation. Also, during this process, the evolution of the physical forms happen along with the evolution of consciousness.

Now, once a living being dies, its life processes end. And, with this, the active-interactions among various components constituting that life-form terminate. It then leads to the loss of cumulative-consciousness that has evolved through a process from the initial life-form.


Hence, post-death, the consciousness of the remaining physical body becomes just that of lifeless organic and inorganic compounds. Now, let us acknowledge that the cumulative consciousness of a life-form has evolved from the first life-form through a process in continuity. Hence, the remaining organic and inorganic compounds cannot regain the lost cumulative consciousness. Therefore, they cannot resume their active-interactions. Thus, once dead, a living-being cannot be brought back to life.

Well, then-

What happens to our thoughts, actions, and experiences? What is their significance for the universe as a whole?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. All our thoughts, actions and experiences become part of the cosmic-consciousness. They help in enhancing the knowledge, and the experience of the universe. After death, our entities and their experiences are recorded as distinct-units-of-memories in the algorithm of the universe. But active cumulative consciousness of a person ends with his/ her death.

Well, after understanding that everything is a part of the universe, and is guided, orchestrated and dynamically synced by it, a question arises-

If God exists, then why do bad-things happen?

Well, we need to have a broad understanding of different kinds of events that we may consider bad, and understand it from the universe point of view.

Let us consider the first case. Many times, the universe needs to self-destruct a part of itself to create something new; that is a better-evolved version of itself. For instance, the universe had self-destructed its form of Dinosaurs so that the mammals could evolve. In their times, Dinosaurs were the dominant species in their ecosystem. It was nearly impossible for mammals to evolve in their presence. The universe would have realised that the Dinosaurs cannot evolve into a very intelligent species capable of doing things that humans could now do. Also, they lacked basic anatomical features which contributed to various developmental processes by humans, such as having an opposable thumb.


So, the universe created a situation in which its forms as Dinosaurs perished and then the mammals got the chance to evolve which finally lead to the creation of human beings. Through the form of human beings, the universe is capable of doing things of great intelligence, beauty and magnificence. The consciousness of a human being is much more evolved than the consciousness of Dinosaurs could ever have been. Hence, though the self-destruction of its form as Dinosaurs may seem bad, it actually was the part of the plan of better evolution of itself. In a similar fashion, a lot of events that may seem ‘bad’ for us are actually for a higher-than-itself reason.

Now, let us consider another case and discuss it through an example. Well, it has been observed that only 30-50% of seeds produced by Teak trees germinate naturally. A question may arise that why did the universe create a system in which 50-70% of its form as seeds fail to germinate in the first place. Well, the answer to this is simple.


For seeds to germinate, various internal and external processes are required to go right. It is not possible or suitable for the universe, on the basis of cost-benefit analysis and other practical considerations, to sync all the right conditions for 100% of the seeds. So, it created a system in which seeds are produced in excess numbers and the universe is able to sync all the right conditions for 30-50% seeds. So, the death of 50-70% of seeds may seem ‘bad’ but that is how the system has to be designed taking all practical factors into consideration.

Let us discuss the case pertaining to people in general. Many times, bad things happen to people and they think why God did that to them. The main reason behind this is the inability of people to understand and pursue the universe guidance effectively as they are not aware of the self vis-a-vis the universe. A disbalance of various emotions and life-systems may occur in a person, living in an autopilot mode, as their exact right combination cannot be pre-programmed to meet all the real-life situations that may come up. In such cases, the universe may not be able to sync things properly as many of its forms, humans or others, fail to understand its guidance correctly. Consequently, bad things could happen.


Also, many times, things, which may be a part of a process, may happen and could seem bad. For instance, some problems, challenges or failures may crop up while pursuing the main purpose of life. But they are not actually bad, and happen to prepare us for our goals.

In general, it can be understood that all events, which may seem either good or bad, happen for a reason or is a part of some process. As the universe is continuously evolving and taking new physical and non-physical forms, some bad things or mistakes may happen as a result of experimentation. But again, this is how the process works for us and for the universe. When we try something new, mistakes may happen and our job is to identify them and fix them. And this is how the universe operates. It is not doing bad for any person or thing. In reality, it itself is that person or thing and is trying to optimise the overall pleasantness or feel-good through dynamic syncing and orchestration.


Also, by asking ‘why’ at multiple-levels of occurrences for any event, we can reach to a conclusion that nothing is random. We can understand that for any event or activity to take place the drive and direction come from the cosmic-consciousness of the universe which forms part of the consciousnesses of all its physical and non-physical forms.

Hence, anything that may happen, happen because the universe is dynamically directing that part of itself for doing that thing. Also, sometimes, some of its parts, say humans, may fail to understand and execute its directions, thus bad-things may happen within the cognisance of the universe though it may be trying to avoid it. Let us appreciate the following quotation in this respect-

 “Life is an intelligent thing and things aren’t random.”

Steve Jobs, Visionary

Now, a particular event can be directly planned or directed by the universe or can happen collaterally because the universe needs to do something of greater importance. For instance, if the universe feels that it needs a volcano to erupt for certain reasons, say for changing the composition of the atmosphere, then the other associated events such killing of trees in that area will also happen. Though the killing of trees may not be desirable for the universe itself, the process of the volcanic eruption has to be accompanied with it. Hence, the main event is the volcanic eruption but the collateral event is the destruction of ‘native forest’ which may seem unreasonably bad if we do not apply the right understanding.

Broadly, it can be concluded that all the events, seemingly good or bad, happen under the cognisance of the universe and is dynamically driven by the cosmic-consciousness directly or indirectly or collaterally. A negligible percentage of bad events may happen due to certain anomaly or mistakes or mismanagements or failures and so on. But that is how the process works for us and for the universe. Let us appreciate the following quotation in this respect-

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein, Physicist

These words of Albert Einstein is true for us as well as the universe. And, the universe needs to keep on trying something new in order to keep evolving and optimising overall pleasantness or feel-good.

So, let us not focus our time and energy on things that may go bad in exceptional cases. Instead, focus on the good things that are happening in general, and act towards optimising our pleasantness or feel-good, and in turn the pleasantness or feel-good of the universe.

Now, another question which creates a dilemma for us is-


Should we pursue our Passion? If yes, then which one?

Pursuit of Passion

Well, to find out the answer to this question, first we need to understand the source of passion. Now, we, as human beings, do not deliberately choose to like, want, or get attracted to something or be passionate about something. We do so because the universe has taken our forms for pursuing those things. Hence, our inclination towards ‘something’ is a form of universe guidance that pursuing that thing is the next-right-thing to do. Let us appreciate a quotation by one of the greatest visionary leaders in this respect-

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs, Visionary

Hence, our job as self is to be attentive to the universe guidance so as to be able to identify our passions and then pursue them. Consequently, this would help us in accomplishing our core and non-core purposes.


Here, core-purposes include our work-goals. And non-core purposes include taking actions that may meet the work-goals of some other persons or entities. For example, when we go to a doctor to get our health check-up done, we are managing a non-work affair of our life but in the process give the doctor an opportunity to meet his core-purpose.

Now, our core-purposes could be very specific or we may form part of a ‘common work pool’ at a certain level requiring a certain extent of intellect and physical abilities. People who are a part of common work pool would generally seek any livelihood at their levels. For example, a person may have a general inclination towards the profession of an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer, and so on. But whatever the levels of the profession are, in terms of requirement of mental and physical abilities, we need to have an understanding that every person is a form taken by the universe for specific purposes to run the world systematically. So, we should love and respect all irrespective of their professions.


Also, we need to understand that the path of a person is based on what a person is, and what is his/ her core and non-core purposes in life. Each one of us has an absolutely distinct and special path and guidance. And these are not comparable among people. So, we should not expect our paths to be the same as others and live up to what we truly are a hundred per cent!

Also, once we have understood the above concepts, we can appreciate a quotation mentioned in The Alchemist, which says,

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paul Cohelo, Author

We can take it even further, and say that the universe not just conspires, but generates the desire within us for the wanted things in the first place. And then it syncs the challenges, learnings, abilities and opportunities so that we can accomplish our core and non-core purposes.


Now, though the universe syncs these for all of us, the levels of modifications within a person and in his/ her surroundings by the universe depend upon the level of substantial influence that the person is going to have in this world. For example, the universe could modify things at the global level for a person who is going to substantially impact the events at the global scale and so on.

Now, sometimes it can be tricky to identify our passion or special abilities. In many cases, the universe in the human form assumes the special abilities in blocked-form. That is, initially, it manifests less of that character in real-terms but exhibits potential and passion for that thing. A person would have a strong and distinctive feeling towards that thing, either liking or disliking. And, when the person starts putting in honest efforts towards that thing under the universe guidance, the special ability is unblocked and unleashed, and the person attains excellence in that very thing.


For instance, we can consider the example of Kobe Bryant, an American professional basketball player, who went from being a terrible basketball player at age 11, and not being able to score a single point in the Summer League to becoming one of the greatest NBA basketball players of all time, and winning 5 NBA Championships. It was his passion, hard work and persistence which paid off and made him the youngest player in the league history to reach 30,000 career points.

Also, a person may have passion and potential for multiple things. In such cases, he/ she may get confused about the passion that should be taken up as work. To resolve such a dilemma, first, we need to develop an understanding of the concept of work. The first question that may arise is, what is the relevance of work?


Well, work is the core-aspect of life. All other aspects of life revolve around it as the universe guides or dynamically syncs. Ideally, the concept of work goes like this. It consists of activities which we choose to do based on our aptitude, interest, intuition and other forms of universe guidance to produce specific-outcomes in the world. And such an activity would be associated with certain material benefits required for sustenance, meeting materialistic desires and living a wholesome life.

Now, let us resolve the dilemma of- how to identify which passion should be taken up as work?

Let us learn the right ways to identify our work-goals. A famous book, The Alchemist, quotes,

The place where you are brought to tears is where your destiny is.

Paul Cohelo, Author

Let us understand this quotation in detail. As the universe has taken our forms for certain purposes, when we come across a thing which is a part of our purpose, we identify that thing at the sub-conscious level. And the matching of the frequency of that thing with the frequency of our subconscious mind overwhelms us and tears come up. Hence, we should be attentive to such things.

Now, one of the similar concepts that can be used to identify our work-goals says that,

We are what we think we are.


It implies that things that excite us are not random. We come across things meant for shaping our lives. And everything is precisely synced by the universe for us to identify and accomplish the core-purposes of our life. Hence, we must be aware of things that resonate with us.


Another way to identify your work goals is that,

“If you are willing to do something for free or almost nothing, then you are in the right business.”


It means that the pleasantness or feel-good generated by doing the work itself drives us to do that work. And materialistic benefits out of that work is secondary for us, though required for sustenance and living our lives effectively, efficiently and wholesomely.

Hence, as suggested by Steve Jobs, we should follow our heart and intuition, and pursue our passion. Let us appreciate the quotation as given below-

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will connect in your future. You have to trust in something, you gut, destiny, life, karma whatever because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path and that will make all the difference.”

Steve Jobs, Visionary

Well, by examining the above quotation in light of the understanding of the self vis-a-vis the universe, we can appreciate its truthfulness and significance.

Now, let us learn the fine art of human-programming to create joy, well-being, excellence and prosperity-


An introduction to the fine-art of human-programming!

Well, before mastering the art of human-programming, let us review the basics of a human-composite in brief.

Well, the primary component of the human-composite is the self which lies at the core-of-the-brain and generates consciousness. Now, as learned earlier, the brain-body composite is a physical extension or manifestation of the self itself. This is why a consciously unaware person considers himself/ herself as his/ her brain and body only. Also, because of living largely on an autopilot mode, their actions are mostly governed by internal emotions and external constraints. Moreover, such persons fail to understand and act in accordance with the universe guidance, thus degenerating pleasantness or feel-good for themselves, and in turn for the universe.


Now, a question arises, what does the human-programming mean?

Well, it is a process which includes experiencing and evolving our consciousness, programming our mind and body to think and act in the right way, and aligning our energy with our thoughts and desires, as guided by the universe.

Well, one might ask, why do we need to program or reprogram our mind?

Well, the answer is simple. Our thoughts, behaviour and actions are largely determined by the programming of our subconscious mind. And to modify the above attributes, the right way is to modify these programs. If a person tries to change himself/ herself superficially without changing the mind-programming, the change will remain superficial and shallow. And, in the situation of pressure or long-term associations, the person will end up exhibiting his/ her true-character. Hence, in order to transform ourselves in reality, we must modify our mind-programs. That could be achieved only by modifying the neuronal-circuits of our brain.

Modifying Neuronal Circuits

Now, one might wonder, how a mind program works?

Well, our brain is mainly made up of specialised cells called neurons. These interconnect with one another to form ‘neuronal-circuits’. At the subconscious level of mind, these neuronal-circuits determine our response to a stimulus. Though the actual response can be modified ‘consciously’, 90-95% of our actions are the result of the programs of our subconscious mind.

Subconscious-Mind Program- Resulting in Automated Actions.

Now, one may ask if we can operate the human-composite through the self to produce the desired behaviour based on our knowledge, then why do we need to program or reprogram the brain? Well, the answer is pretty simple. We take our actions through the brain-body composite. So, the efficient way would be to cultivate the right mind-programs so that our mind supports us in taking the right course of action. Also, retaining the ‘undesirable’ mind-programs, and overriding the consequent mind-blocks or psychological-barriers so as to be able to take the right actions is a highly inefficient way. Well, overriding the mind-chatter or mind-blocks may be required in the course of a day, but it should not be the norm.

Well, let us understand the above concept with the help of an example. Suppose that, in a bicycle, the brake shoes are in contact with the rim of its wheel due to some fault in the design. In this case, the right course of action would be to, first, get the fault corrected. And then only ride the bicycle even though we might have the strength to ride it in the faulty condition itself. Similarly, the right way of operating the human-composite is to first do the right human-programming. This would make it work for us, rather than against us, which would nearly automate the desired behaviour.


Now, let us learn about the types of neuronal-circuits on the basis of their origin. Well, some of these are ‘innate’ and some are ‘acquired’ in nature. The innate neuronal-circuits are responsible for the pre-programs of the mind, which are usually narrow and conservative in nature. These mind-programs correspond to behaviours exhibiting laziness, a habit of procrastination and so on. They aim at minimising the risks and energy expenditure and maximising the survival rate of a person living largely on an autopilot mode.

Now, the ‘acquired’ mind-programs could be narrow or broad in nature. These mainly include the habits and skills developed by us in the course of life. For example, our food-habits, our approach to thinking, analysing, learning and making decisions, and so on. Also, a mind-program can be partially innate and partially acquired.

Now, let us understand the process of reprogramming of the mind. Well, in this process, the old neuronal-circuits which were causing undesirable behaviours are either weakened or broken. And new neuronal-circuits are created which produce the desired behaviour. Although the behaviours stemming out of old neuronal-circuits either weaken or are eliminated, the memory of that behaviour may remain stored in the hippocampus part of the brain. It is like, we created new neuronal-circuits which support us in doing the workout regularly but we can still have the memories of the times when we could not do so.

Now, let us understand the levels of mind-programming. Well, the first level is the Primary Programming which involves creating a highly programmable brain. Though our brains are already programmable but developing a right understanding of the self, the brain-body composite and the universe makes it analogous to the potter’s clay ready to be shaped at will. It is analogous to the development of the Operating System, say Windows, for a computer.


The second level is the Secondary Programming. It involves programming of desired philosophies, principles, ideologies, mindsets, habits, and so on into the mind to produce the desired thoughts, behaviours and actions. It is analogous to the installation of software or applications in the computer.

Now, we need to acknowledge that our behaviour is a result of multiple mind-programs running together at a time. Hence, we need to understand all the factors and programs causing a behaviour, and then cover all our bases for the effective manifestation of the desired behaviour.

Now, a question arises,


How can we program or reprogram our mind for getting the desired behaviour?

Well, it is a three-step process. It involves mental-repetitions of the right understandings in the form of affirmations, visualisations of the desired behaviour and self-operation of human-composite consciously.

But, first, we would need to do the right Primary Programming of the mind. For this, first, we need to develop a deep understanding of the functioning of our mind.

Functioning of Mind

Well, at the same time, two parallel Lines-of-Thinking (LOT) exist in the mind of a person. One is the Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) which is based on the true understanding of the universe, it’s structure and functioning. Under this view, a person would perceive the world as the physical manifestations of programming in the quantum world. A person would examine various events and happenings in his/ her life and in the world in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Their importance has been expressed by a quotation as follows-


“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nicola Tesla, Physicist

The Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) helps one in creating joy, well-being, excellence and prosperity in life.

The other one is the Wrong-Line-of-Thinking (WLOT) which is based on the narrow understanding of the universe. Under this view, a person would perceive his/ her life and the world based on the shallow observation of crude-physicality.

Usually, for a person, both the Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) and the Wrong-Line-of-Thinking (WLOT) exist in the forms of two-voices in the mind. The inner voice or intuition termed as still small voice by Mahatma Gandhi constitutes the Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT). And the other one is the voice, which originates in the mind working on an autopilot mode. It constitutes the Wrong-Line-of-Thinking (WLOT).


An enlightened or conscious person can differentiate between the two, and take conscious actions based on the universe guidance which is in consonance with the RLOT while handling the WLOT rightly.

Now the question arises, what constitutes Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) in general? How should we perceive ourselves and the world to be able to make the right decisions and take the right actions?

Well, as understood earlier, the physical world is a manifestation of the quantum world. Programming in the quantum realm, based on quantum laws and quantum mathematics, is being written and modified continuously by us and all parts of the universe. A person who is aware of the quantum-programming of the world would be able to create and bend realities in the physical world to a much greater extent than the person who thinks that the physical world is what it is. Let us appreciate the following quotation in this respect-


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nicola Tesla, Physicist

Now, a question arises,


How can we create and bend the realities?

Well, the answer is simple. It can be done by doing specific visualisations and affirmations through the self. Also, it is very important to use the right words while saying affirmations to create the realities effectively in the physical world, both within and beyond us. Right words produce the right emotions, which together produce the right frequencies which are then communicated to the universe.

Thoughts Become Things

The science behind this is simple. All realities have particular frequencies in the quantum realm. Now, we have already learned that we do not choose to like or get attracted to something. We do so because the universe wants the same for us. Now, when we visualise or affirm that desired thing through the self, the inner frequency (within our human-composite) of that reality matches the external frequency (beyond our human-composite) of that reality in the universe. And the phenomena of resonance happen which drastically increases the amplitude of possibility of occurrence of that reality in the physical world. Consequently, our visualisations take physical forms. Let us appreciate the following quotations in this respect-

“The mind is everything, what you think you become.”

Buddha, Spiritual Teacher

“What you are thinking is, what you are becoming.”

Muhammad Ali, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Now, the process of manifesting a visualisation into the physical world can be confusing at times. Generally, some distinct things which may be just the reverse of visualised things may start happening. This may drive us to do something or take some actions which would eventually lead to the manifestation of visualised thing.

We need to acknowledge that the universe generally creates challenging situations to instil the abilities, strength, and understanding of self vis-a-vis the universe inside us. It then empowers us to physically manifest the visualised things in the real world. Hence, this should be understood and rightly responded to.

Also, it is very important to understand that doing repetitive-imagination or day-dreaming is the wrong way of visualisation. We fascinate about something that we do not consider belonging to us. Hence, it sends the wrong frequency to the universe and leads to the opposite result.


Right visualisation is when we have the feeling that we already possess the visualised thing. The frequency of the feeling of possession would bring that thing in our life. Hence, we need to have the right understanding of the self and the universe, and visualise in the right way to co-create physical realities in the world.

Now, the Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) involves doing right-visualisations of goals and taking self-operated actions towards them under the Universe Guidance with an outcome-orientation so as to subsequently accomplish our core and non-core purposes. Living in this manner is the manifestation of having the right understanding of the self vis-a-vis the universe. Hence, the universe has programmed immediate and long-term joy for those living as per this. This has been done to promote such actions so that we act in tune with the universe towards the universe’s goals which is also our goals as we are actually forms of the universe only. These are not just a means of joy in the future, these create joy at the very moment.


On the other hand, getting unnecessarily doubtful about progress, and goals are nonsensical, regressive and foolish. As whatever our vision is, is actually the universe’s vision in our form and all our actions and their outcomes under the universe guidance are actually the universe’s actions and outcomes in our form. The unnecessary doubtfulness in the mind of a person is the manifestation of not having the right understanding of the self vis-a-vis the universe. Hence, it causes immediate and long-term misery so that a person looks inside and in the process gets the right understanding of the self and the universe. Hence, Wrong-Line-of-Thinking (WLOT) does not just lead to misery in the future, it creates misery at the very moment.

Usually, all miseries are put by the universe in our paths so that we stop, look inside and find out who we are and then make the right changes in our path to find and meet our goals. Also, the negative emotions of pain, irritation, anger, uneasiness and unpleasantness are usually planted by the universe in our path as mental weights or barriers to help us build and develop mental-toughness. We must be aware of these negative emotions and go right through them so as to develop the mental toughness necessary to operate our human-composite rightly in tune with the universe guidance. This, in turn, provides us with the ability to respond rightly to a situation rather than reacting to it. This shifts us from the compulsive state of action to the conscious state of action.


Now, the question arises-

What actually are emotions? How are they created? How should we respond to them?

Responding to emotions

Well, emotions are the physical manifestation of feelings. A particular mix-of-emotions is created by a particular cocktail-of-chemicals in the brain. Positive emotions are the physical manifestation of pleasantness or feel-good and include pleasantness generated by love, excellence, success, progress and so on. We should embrace it gracefully in a controlled-state-of-mind. Getting overwhelmed by the excess of positive emotions due to excess of chemical-cocktails actually degenerates excellence, joy and feel-good.

Similarly, negative emotions are the physical manifestation of degeneration of feel-good or generation of unpleasantness and include the feelings of anger, sadness, irritation, anxiety, fear, uneasiness, and so on. As explained earlier, these have been programmed by the universe to minimise the risks and energy consumption and maximise the survival rate of a person living on autopilot mode. For a self-conscious person, negative emotions form part of the universe guidance. A self-conscious person does not necessarily act as per his mood or feeling but he may use it as a compass to guide him in the right direction.


Hence, though we may not control ‘how we feel’ completely, though the generation of emotions can partly be modified in the desired way with the right-mind programming. We can practice self-operation of our response rightly so that we can free ourselves from the shackles of acting as per our feelings and mood which in themselves are very volatile in nature. So, it can be understood that different emotions need different treatments. And the right thing is to embrace the positive emotions gracefully and handle the negative emotions rightly.


Now let us understand –

Which drive should we use to fuel our action?

Drive for Actions

Well, different people could use different sources of drives to fuel their actions. For instance, people operating on Wrong-Line-of-Thinking (WLOT) usually use materialistic needs and desires as the primary drive to power their actions. But sourcing a drive from a materialistic thing means that a person is sourcing energy from a negative source. In this case, a person will be bound to act by some external material-thing without being truly interested and indulged in the actions. It causes degeneration of feel-good, distracted and poor-quality work, stress and dissatisfaction in life.


On the other hand, the Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) would involve taking energy from the positive sources to fuel the actions. The positive sources of generating the core-drive are the same as the primary sources of generating feel-good- self-operation, excellence, love and care. The core-drive for taking action should simply be the desire to get things done or making things happen out of discipline towards creating excellence, spreading love and doing value addition in the life of others.

The actions out of burning-desire to improve the lives of others are powered directly by the universe at the highest priority. Taking energy from positive sources lead to optimisation of short-term and long-term feel-good, focussed and high-quality work, zero-stress and contented living. Like secondary-sources of generating feel-good, the materialistic-desires form the secondary or add-on drive thus acting as the drive-booster, but not the primary drive itself.

Well, after understanding the concept of the right drive, let us understand the concept of true freedom. So, a question arises-


What is the meaning of true freedom? And how can we achieve it?

Self-discipline is True Freedom and Joy

Well, freedom means the absence of unnecessary external and internal restraints so that a person can think and do as he truly desires. Now, true desires are the desires of the self that come directly from the universe guidance. The external-restraints that could hinder the exercise of freedom could include captivity, physical and economic constraints, unnecessary restraining laws and customs, and so on. As the name suggests, the reasons for the external restraints arise externally.


Though these too can be crippling in nature, it is mainly the internal-restraints that hinder the exercising of freedom by most of the individuals. These internal restraints are caused mainly because of the limiting human-programs. These are the result of neuronal-circuits created for minimising the risks and energy expenditure, and maximising the survival rate while living on autopilot mode as explained earlier.

Also, in the course of time, we tend to acquire limiting or wrong human-programs. For instance, we are programmed to associate self-discipline with self-restraining. And as all living beings naturally seek freedom, the wrong understanding of self-discipline makes us feel that it is trying to take away our freedom. This makes us avoid adopting self-discipline in our life by creating a superficial feeling of unpleasantness & uneasiness in our mind whenever we think of becoming so.


The right understanding of self-discipline is that it means self-operation of the human-composite which empowers us to take the desired mental and physical actions. Thus, discipline does not restrain us but it actually frees us to do what we truly want to do. Therefore, self-discipline is true freedom and joy. Once we understand this concept and repeat the same over and over again in our mind, the older brain-circuit associating self-discipline with self-restraint will weaken or break and the newer circuit associating self-discipline with self-operation, true freedom and joy will form. This would allow us to embrace self-discipline in our life and we would be able to optimise our pleasantness or feel-good.

Since we have understood the concept of freedom and self-discipline, let us now understand-

What are the mental and psychological barriers? And, How can we break them?

Psychological Barriers

Well, the mental barriers are the self-derived conception, conscious or subconscious, that creates a state of mind that adversely impacts the forward progression and communication abilities. Now, on simple observation of the mind, we could understand that except physical barriers, say captivity, all mental and psychological walls and barriers are superficial and virtual in nature. It means that the walls we build in our heads do not actually exist.


We as self have ultimate overriding power over the brain-body composite and we can take the right course of action without the unnecessary convincing the mind to take such actions. Unnecessary convincing means repeating and reaffirming the same things verbally over and over again in the mind even though deep-down we know it. Hence, though favourable mental and psychological understanding and conditions promote better self-operation, the unfavourable conditions are not true barriers.

Now, to ingrain the Right-Line-of-Thinking (RLOT) and create an effective human-programming, we have hand-crafted the Mastery Playbook which would form the core-part of your Personal Mastery regimen. It presents an interactive ready-reference for the users based on the Plug-and-Play (PnP) model. It is an explicitly written human-program. Hence, as you go through it, you simultaneously program yourself for joy, well-being, excellence and prosperity.

Mastery Playbook is a 50+ carefully crafted pages designed to fit seamlessly into your life. It is delivered to you in a universal file format (PDF) so that you can access it anywhere, anytime and on any of your devices.


The moment you wake up and start going through the Mastery Playbook, you start operating your day masterfully. Because you’ve recited it over and over again. You don’t have to think about it. You just get things done and make magic happen. 

So, buy your copy today, and cherish the true freedom of doing what you really want to do each and every day!

About the Author:
Hi, I am Shubham Sinha. I have graduated from Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi, India. I believe that people with mastery can create excellence in all spheres of life, and thus, could contribute phenomenally in building a beautiful world.


Mastery Playbook

(The masterpiece is on the anvil)




Let’s build a better world together.


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